Our Activities

  • Port Equipment

    The superb products, sustainable and reliable. ZPMC’s Heavy-duty Port Machine and Bulk Cargo Ship Loading/Unloading Machine, are distributed in 76 countries and occupied more than 75% the world market share.

  • Offshore Equipment

    Strong researching and designing power in ZPMC can supply many kinds of Marine Engineering Ship including Floating Crane, Pipe-laying vessel, Dredgers, Gantry Crane, Offshore Drilling Platforms and so on. The world’s largest 8,000 Ton Floating Crane for Samsung and the first Off-shore Pipe Laying vessel were delivered in year 2010.

  • Offshore Windfarm

    Zpmc can manufacture wind farm steelstructures, jacket foundations and secondary steelstructures. Also for installation works of towers, monopile foundations, transition pieces and other structures you can contact ZPMC.

  • Large Steelstructures

    ZPMC has capacity of producing annual output of one million ton of steel structure, particularly in producing single heavy-duty steel structures up to 2,000 ton or more for Steel Girders/Beams, Wind Power Plant pedestal, Steel plant module, Power Plant and Port. The ZPMC newly constructing project, ----New Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco, U.S.A, which is considered the most difficult constructing task, will finish soon.

  • trolley wheel bearings

    As a professional company owning global business in cranes and heavy industry, ZPMC has spare parts centers throughout America, Europe, Dubai, Korea, Singapore and Istanbul, providing high-quality and high-reliability marine engineering equipment and all kinds of electrical fittings used by cranes, such as large anchor winch, power positioning device, tensioner pipe laying, corrosion of carbon paint with high performance of 20 years, etc. ZPMC can provide products in the shortest time through spare part rooms and agents.

  • Shipping Services

    ZPMC owns a fleet of 26 large ships for transporting assembled heavy equipment which are from 60,000 DWT to 100,000 DWT, including 4 semi-submersible type and self-propelled ships. Each ship can carry 4-6 fully tested container cranes and heavy components to overseas ports anywhere in the world, immensely shortening the delivery period.